Trump 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump said Monday that if the president wanted to declare a national emergency in order to secure funding for a border wall, he'd be "well within his rights" to do so.

The government could potentially shut down this week, as talks within a bipartisan committee tasked with finding a border security solution have reportedly crumbled.

The president is also set to hold his first 2020 campaign rally Monday evening in El Paso, Texas, where he's expected to further advocate for a border wall.

Lara Trump said on America's Newsroom that politics are being played on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and that it is their duty to negotiate on securing the border.

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"If they can't do it, I think the president has been very clear he is well within his rights to declare a national emergency, which I think we may see happen," she said.

Trump, who is married to the president's son Eric, added that Democrats will oppose anything that Trump supports or does.

"I hope we don't see another government shutdown. I think the president feels the same way," she said.

She said the $5.7 billion the president is seeking for a border wall is not a lot to ask for.

"This is all about saying 'no' to Donald Trump," she said.

Watch more of the interview above.

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