The panel on "The Five" reacted to the leak of some of President Trump's schedules, which showed he spent several hours of the days in non-specific "executive time."

The revelation of the "executive time" later became the subject of criticism from commentators like MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough, a former Florida Republican Congressman, said that Trump appears to spend "the majority of his time watching cable news and tweeting, yelling."

He said the 72-year-old president apparently spends an inordinate amount of time "staring at TV sets like an old man that is in a retirement home instead of a president of the United States."

"And you helped elect him," Gutfeld remarked of Scarborough, reacting on "The Five."

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Juan Williams said that during one of the days mentioned in the leaked schedules, half of Trump's time was spent in "executive time."

"Just because there are unnamed blocks of time... I don't think that's necessarily harmful. Because, he's still doing something," Kennedy added.

Kennedy said that some people like Trump need "unstructured time" in order to be productive, comparing him to a student who excels more doing his own work rather than listening to a college lecturer.

In an interview over the weekend, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said that he hopes to soon determine who leaked Trump's schedule to the press.

"It's likely to be a career staffer," he said, adding that the predicted revelation will show the public "how hard it is to fire federal workers."

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