Sean Hannity said Monday on "Hannity On Air" that the Democrats' Green New Deal legislation is "outrageously expensive and cost prohibitive."

Hannity said the measure, co-sponsored by Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, is a product of an "extreme, radical element" within the Democratic Party.

He said that, even if all of the wealth in the country was "confiscated," it would not pay for the Green New Deal's stipulations.

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Hannity reminded the audience that earlier in the year on his program, he warned it would take 100 days for the new Congress to show "how radical they are."

But, he said, the Green New Deal is a prime example of why it hasn't taken that long.

"They want open borders," he said. "They want a wealth tax [too]."

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