Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce said Sunday that Sen. Elizabeth Warren showed a "very strange disconnect" by declaring her candidacy for president in a sanctuary city.

Warren (D-Mass.) formally kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign in the city of Lawrence, an area that made headlines after a 2018 drug bust that found enough fentanyl to "kill half the state."

Bruce said on "Fox & Friends" that Lawrence is largely a city of color, and noted its history of high crime compared to surrounding cities.

"In [Warren's] speech, interestingly, she doesn't bring up the sanctuary city policy issue, the drug issue," she said, adding that the majority of the heroin and fentanyl that enters Lawrence comes from the southern border.

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Bruce said that progressive policies on immigration directly contribute to the "destruction" of the city.

"Elizabeth Warren, in what she represents, represents what has destroyed that community," she said.

Bruce added that she believes the people of Lawrence will disagree with Warren's belief that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) doesn't reflect America's values.

"She seems to be pandering to Hispanic-Americans, thinking that they don't want law enforcement, when it's their lives that are impacted by the criminal illegal aliens and their lives that are made better when ICE comes to deal with those criminals ... so it's a very strange disconnect," she said.

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