Democratic Rep. Nydia Velázquez (N.Y.) responded to a conservative student's tweet about last week's State of the Union address by saying "you're right to be afraid of us."

CJ Pearson, 16, tweeted that "the woman next to" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) – Velázquez -- wanted to "look the other way" while Ocasio-Cortez was speaking.

Velázquez replied, saying people like she and Ocasio-Cortez "are the future of this country. And you're right to be afraid of us."

Pearson appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday and said that he was surprised to see the congresswoman had responded to his tweet.

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"I was completely taken aback," he said. "There is a sitting congresswoman telling me that I should fear her ... I do not fear her because this is America."

Pearson said that Velázquez isn't the future, and that the current American youth is the most conservative generation since World War II.

"If anyone should be scared, it's the congresswoman," he said.

Pearson said he would have wanted to have a discussion with the congresswoman instead of debacle on Twitter.

"It was classless and beneath the office that she holds," he said.

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