Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko (R) described the contentious hearing between Democratic lawmakers and Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker "a theatrical show" Saturday on Fox & Friends.

Bickering ensued between Whitaker and a number of Democrats during the House hearing Friday, and Whitaker stunned the room when he attempted to call time on Chairman Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.).

Lesko said that the entire affair was "quite disgusting" and Democrats were trying to harass Whitaker.

"It was a total disgrace," she said. "Just another way to undermine President Trump."

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Lesko added that Democrats are "overreaching," which will benefit Republicans in 2020.

"[Democrats] are going so far to the left, so radical, so rude that I think the American public is gonna wake up," she said.

She said House Democrats' view of Whitaker was condescending, and they wanted to intimidate the acting AG.

"It was a total show, total theatrics. Unfortunately, that's what the Democrats are doing now."

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