The teenage son of a fallen Marine was recently gifted something that his father had long-wished to give him -- his 1991 Ford Bronco truck.

Sgt. Nick Walsh, who was fatally shot in 2007 by a sniper in Iraq, had plans to hand down the SUV to his two sons once they turned 16.

A local car dealership restored the vehicle for the Walsh family free of charge, Fox 2 reported.

Sgt. Walsh's wife, Julie, tricked her sons into thinking she sold the beloved Bronco, only to surprise her eldest son with it last month.

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Triston Walsh, 16, said Saturday on Fox & Friends that seeing his father's revamped truck was a big surprise.

"I was just really happy that my mom did not sell the Bronco after all," he said. "I was just really happy."

He added that whenever he puts the key into the SUV's ignition, he'll be thinking about his father.

Watch the heart-warming story above.

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