Former Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) said Friday on Fox News @ Night that she believes it's only a matter of time before the state's lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, no longer holds his office.

Fairfax (D) has been accused by two women of sexual assault, the newest of which he said was "demonstrably false." Fairfax also called the first allegation "defamatory" and "false."

"This is very distressing for everybody in Richmond," Comstock said. "It's very troubling. I'm happy that other Virginia leaders have called for [Fairfax] to step aside ... I also think this needs to be looked into."

Comstock suggested probing who knew about the accusations against the lieutenant governor and when they knew about them.

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She said both women who have accused Fairfax have given credible stories, as well as Democratic activists helping them as well.

"Justin Fairfax doesn't seem to have many, if any, Democrats who are out there defending him which leads me to ask 'what did you know?'" she said. "Because it seems like they all turned on him pretty quickly."

Comstock also said that there appears to be no confidence in the state's governor, Ralph Northam, either.

Northam has been facing mounting calls to resign following the emergence of a racist photo in his medical school yearbook, as well controversial comments he made about late-term abortion.

Watch the conversation from Fox News @ Night above.

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