Tomi Lahren traveled to the southern border for a five-part Fox Nation special presentation, speaking with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents about President Trump's call for a wall and the methods they use to secure the area.

"When we put fences in, they did work," said Rodolfo Karisch, chief patrol agent in the Tucson sector, recalling his earlier time in El Paso, Texas, where border fencing was implemented.

Karisch said CBP doesn't necessarily want a wall stretching all the way from the Pacific to the Gulf, but in areas where it would be most helpful.

He said that in addition to fencing and walls, "tactical infrastructure and technology" should be used.

Lahren said Democrats have put up a "political wall" to deny border agents the full complement of tools they need to secure the border.

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Rodney Scott, sector chief for the San Diego area, said that 14 more miles of wall were funded by the Trump administration in 2017.

He showed Lahren where those miles are still being constructed, and said that in front of them, a second line of wall will be built to reinforce the first.

Lahren also went out on patrol with agents near Tucson as they combated drug and human smugglers, including riding on horseback, hiking over mountains with with the Border Patrol "Flex" Team, and flying in a Black Hawk helicopter with the "BORTAC" tactical unit.

She got an up-close look at the evasion tactics used by illegal border crossers and the enhanced technology used by agents to track suspicious activity. 

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