Mike Lindell, the creator of "My Pillow," joined "Starnes Country" on Fox Nation to react to the prominence of new abortion laws and to laud President Trump for his State of the Union address.

Lindell, who is a pro-life Christian, told Starnes that there's "something wrong" in the country when abortion is treated as flippantly by some in positions of power.

He said his thoughts were echoed by a news analyst on television who said that "people are protecting minnows in California" but not infants in some states.

"With New York doing what they did -- passing these laws to kill babies... it's so horrific what's going on right now," he said.

"There's something wrong with that picture," he added.

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Lindell, who was a guest of North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer at the State of the Union, said it was "the best speech by the best president, ever."

The Minnesota native said his "prayers were answered" by the unifying message from Trump.

He said that Trump "unified" about "70 percent" of the House chamber with his speech.

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