Tennessee Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen grilled Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Friday over the Mueller probe and the lease of Washington, D.C.'s "Old Post Office" building for the Trump International Hotel. 

Cohen said the inspector general of the General Services Administration -- which manages government buildings -- issued a "rather scathing report" about the government's decision to lease the Old Post Office, located on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, to the Trump Organization.

Cohen asked Whitaker whether he has seen any documentation alleging violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution when it comes to President Trump's connection to the organization leasing the building.

Whitaker said that there are several instances of "ongoing litigation" on the matter and that he could not draw conclusions at this time.

Cohen blasted Whitaker for the DOJ's involvement in helping represent Trump in those matters, saying the president is "making personal monies" off the lease of a government building.

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"Shouldn't [Trump] have his personal lawyers represent him for this nefarious conduct?" Cohen said, raising his voice.

Cohen continued his questioning, turning to Russia and whether the Mueller probe is a "witch hunt."

"Are you overseeing a witch hunt?" Cohen said sternly.

Whitaker said that he understood that the issues discussed were important to Cohen and would try to answer the best he could.

"It's an important issue for the American public and the whole world!" Cohen fumed in response.

The exchange was one of several contentious moments between Whitaker and Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, including Whitaker "calling time" on committee chairman Jerrold Nadler early in the proceedings.

Whitaker said earlier he had no conversations with the president about the Mueller probe and he had not interfered in the investigation.

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