The second season of Brian Kilmeade's acclaimed series, "What Made America Great," returns to Fox Nation on Feb. 14. 

In the series, Kilmeade brings you along as he explores the pivotal spots from coast to coast that shaped our amazing country, and finds the hidden secrets that you might think had been buried by time.

In the first season, Kilmeade visited Mount Rushmore to learn about the manpower behind the massive sculpture, and to search for a little-known, hidden chamber tucked away behind the national monument.

"I feel like we're in a place that most people think does not exist," Kilmeade said as he visited the "Hall of Records" along with a park ranger and former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. "If someone explained this to me, I'd say, 'There's no shaft, there's no tunnel behind Mount Rushmore.' But the fact is, there is."

Kilmeade also visited Fort Jefferson, an unfinished fort 70 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida, in Dry Tortugas National Park.

Park Manager Glenn Simpson walked with Kilmeade among the fort's 16 million bricks to share its history and the role it played in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and even the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

"People are just pretty much in awe that this actually exists," Simpson said. "How can this be out in the middle of nowhere? Because from the water, all you see is the fort. You don't see any land. It's just like this tiny, little island in the middle of nowhere."

In Season 2, Kilmeade visits five more iconic landmarks that made the United States what it is today: the Lincoln Memorial, Monticello, Fraunces Tavern, the Alamo and St. Augustine.

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