David Webb said Thursday on "Reality Check" on Fox Nation that many in the media and on the left "nitpicked" President Trump's State of the Union address, and may have alienated some Americans as a result.

Webb said that Democrats claimed Trump sounded "out of touch," but cited polls that showed an overwhelming number of viewers approved of what the president said.

Webb noted, though, that such addresses largely draw in a viewership from the same partisan side as the president.

He said that CNN's poll gave Trump a positive response, but played tape of the network's political director, David Chalian, making what he called an "attempt to discredit their own poll numbers."

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Webb said another network criticized Trump for lauding the amount of women in Congress, but failed to note that most were Democratic women.

"Americans don't like when you nitpick," Webb said. "Revenge politics have fallen flat with reasonable Americans."

Webb said the media's negative coverage of Trump is partly a response to Democrats "losing wedge issues as Trump co-opts them with political pragmatism."

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