Fox News Insider ventured into the world of Jesse Watters to learn more about the Fox News host. 

Read on to see some fun facts about the Philly native's musical side, his family's political leanings and his new pup, Rookie. 

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1. I was a flautist.

From fourth-grade to 11th-grade, I played the flute.

My mom and dad used to make me perform for family members at holidays and I played in school recitals.

I took lessons once-a-week after sports practices. I also played football, lacrosse, basketball and was on the wrestling and swimming teams. 

2. I recently became a dog owner for the first time. 

I named him Rookie because he's my first dog. Rookie is a mini poodle. I love him and he’s a genius – he’s already trained! 

I was never a dog or animal person, but now I'm a total dog lover.

3. I have a huge sweet tooth. 

My favorites are pretty much anything with chocolate in it, Oreos, ice cream and Key lime pie. But I do not bake. 

4. I’ve been to almost every state in the U.S.

As Fox News viewers know, I've traveled across the country for "Watters' World" segments over the years. I've been to 48 out of our 50 states.

The only states I’m missing are North Dakota and Alaska.

One of my favorite spots in the United States is Big Sur in California.

It's a really beautiful part of the country. 

5. My entire family is liberal.

If you’ve seen the "Texts From Mom" segment on The Five, you know my mom, Dr. Anne Watters, is a huge liberal and she regularly sends me texts with criticism of my on-air commentary. 

My dad, Stephen Watters, is also a Democrat, as is my sister, who's a professor.

My uncle, David Watters, is a Democratic State Senator in New Hampshire.

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