Dana Perino said on "The Five" that many liberal Democrats are demonstrating "selective billionaire outrage."

Perino was reacting to the discussion of lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) who want to additional tax the wealthiest Americans.

She said that there are "certain billionaires that they hate more than others."

"Bill Gates basically helped solve a lot of the world's health problems with his money," Perino said, noting that the Microsoft co-founder is viewed as a "good billionaire."

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She said the same is true for Farallon Capital founder Tom Steyer, who is running a public campaign to impeach President Trump.

Perino said Democrats like Steyer because he often financially supports their campaigns.

Meanwhile, the libertarian Koch Brothers -- Charles and David -- are seen as "bad billionaires" despite their charity work at hospitals and public works.

"The ultimate billionaire they hate is [President] Trump," she said.

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