"Special Report" host and Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier joined Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" to discuss his family's frightening car accident and the state of American politics.

Colbert said Baier was scheduled to appear on the program the day after he and his family were involved in a car wreck on an icy Montana highway.

Baier said his family is doing well and that one member of his family required about a dozen stitches, while one of his sons lost a tooth.

He thanked Colbert and the viewers of his program and others who sent messages of well wishes while the Baiers were in the hospital.

"Everybody’s okay. We are very blessed. Thank God. Please wear your seat belt," Baier said.

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Colbert asked Baier about the State of the Union address, noting that past presidents have had to give such a speech to a divided Congress after receiving a "shellacking" the previous election year.

Baier said the speech was largely the standard "shopping list" of things President Trump wants, along with some "narrative" about other issues like World War II veterans.

"[There were] moments of outreach in the speech," he said.

Colbert asked about another potential government shutdown, which could be triggered if Congress is unable to reach a compromise on border security funding.

"The [last] shutdown was heinous for the country," Baier said, predicting there is some chance that Congress is able to make a deal the president will approve before next Friday.

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