Mike Rowe joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to weigh in on President Trump's State of the Union address, saying the political polarization in the country is becoming "dangerous." 

Rowe, host of the Facebook series Returning the Favor, was asked about Trump's call for "greatness over gridlock" and the refusal by many Democrats to stand for the president's messages.

Rowe said binary choices have taken over the nation's politics. He said Democrats will not applaud anything Trump says, even if they agree with it, and the same concept applies to Republicans. 

"It's dangerous to frame everything as good or bad, right or wrong, blue-collar or white-collar, right? But that's where we are as a country. As a result, we simply don't know what to stand for," the former "Dirty Jobs" host observed.

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Rowe said people are "paralyzed" if they hear a proposal they agree with stated by someone they don't like. 

"If we hear something we disagree with from a source we like, we can't call them out. Because everything has been framed as 'this or that.' My thought watching the speech was [that] he can't do or say anything that is going to make anybody stand who doesn't like him and neither can the other side. So the question is: what can we talk about?" he asked.

Rowe said the strong job numbers in the country are an "inconvenient truth" for the president's critics, lamenting the blue-collar jobs that are not being filled. He said the country must have a different conversation about job training and filling the demand for blue-collar workers.

Watch his full reaction above.

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