Wednesday's panel on Outnumbered discussed the turmoil within Virginia's leadership after the state's attorney general admitted to wearing blackface at a party almost 40 years ago.

Attorney General Mark Herring tweeted a lengthy statement on the matter, saying that he wore brown makeup to look like an African-American rapper at a party in 1980.

"This was a onetime occurrence and I accept full responsibility for my conduct," he said.

Herring's bombshell confession comes as the other top Democrats in his state are caught up in scandals of their own. Gov. Ralph Northam has been facing calls to resign over both comments he made about late-term abortion, and over a racist photo in a past yearbook of his. Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax is facing accusations of sexual assault.

Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall said that the Democratic Party in Virginia is having a "come to Jesus moment" with the past as it pertains to issues of race.

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She said that the state's citizens should be involved in deciding whether or not Northam, specifically, should resign.

"I feel the people need to decide, in addition to Republicans and Democrats and politicians that are asking for him to step down," she said.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich said that the left is being hypocritical when it comes to their treatment of Herring, Fairfax and Northam.

She said that Virginia Democrats are using race as a weapon against the GOP even though Northam's gubernatorial opponent, Ed Gillespie, was accused of white supremacy.

"Democrats continue to use it in an unfair way against Republicans with no evidence to back it up, and here we are with people admitting it ... and yet, there's no consequences for it," she said.

Watch the panel's discussion on Outnumbered above.

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