In a Fox Nation exclusive presentation, Tomi Lahren traveled to the Mexico border to take a closer look at the crucial mission of U.S. Customs & Border Patrol agents.

Lahren examined new technologies developed to help interdict illegal immigrants and border crossing "coyotes" in sprawling, mountainous terrain near Nogales, Arizona.

Cameras mounted high on what resembled cell phone towers gave Lahren a 360-degree view of the area, with the ability to identify and zoom in on possible suspects.

Border agents in the Tucson Sector said the technology is crucial to concentrating manpower in areas where it is needed most.

"Even with all the technology currently on the ground, we still need the agents to apprehend what the technology sees," said Kevin Hecht, deputy patrol agent-in-charge. 

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In downtown Nogales, which borders Mexico, agents told Lahren that the terrain on the border is more "urban," so they have to adapt their operations to that environment.

In a second exclusive clip, Lahren tested out a pepper ball gun used to defuse confrontations or take down subjects when necessary.

Lahren said the entire experience showed her why the Border Patrol is the "beacon of protection" that America needs.

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