In his "My Take" commentary Tuesday on "Fox Nation," Stuart Varney tried to determine which current or potential Democratic candidate moderates in the party could unite behind in 2020.

Varney said that most of the declared candidates and the party at large has taken a swing to the left.

He said that Democratic voters who align with the ideology of Presidents Kennedy and Clinton may feel left out of the 2020 race as it stands.

Varney predicted that if former Vice President Joe Biden declares his candidacy, he will be the most likely to receive support from those precincts.

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"The rest of the field has simply left you moderates behind," he said, warned that the former Delaware senator would be nearly 79 years old should he would take office in 2021.

Of the declared and potential candidates, Varney said that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York called for fully-funded government health care and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont wants a "huge estate tax increase."

Varney added that the possible independent candidacy of billionaire Howard Schultz may interest some centrists as well.

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