Journalist and Fox News contributor Sara Carter traveled to the Old Dominion to ask everyday Virginians their thoughts on the racist photo from Gov. Ralph Northam's (D) medical school yearbook, as pressure mounts for him to resign.

"What goes through your mind?" Carter asked a pair of women in one Virginia city.

"It makes me uncomfortable," one woman said. "It's not OK."

Carter spoke with other people who offered similar sentiments.

One man dismissed Northam's assertion that he was not one of the men in the photo -- one was wearing blackface and another was dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire.

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"It was him," the man said.

Northam initially apologized for apparently being in the photo, but in a later statement said that upon closer examination he didn't think he was either of the men pictured.

Another person on the street told Carter that she didn't like that Northam "blamed his upbringing in Virginia" for having such photos.

Northam hails from Virginia's Eastern Shore peninsula.

Watch the segment above.

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