Fox Nation host Stuart Varney argued in Monday's "My Take" that an increase in minimum wage will lead to consequences for young workers.

Varney noted the recent increase in Uber fares in New York after the city passed a $5 minimum wage increase for Uber and Lyft drivers.

"You may think this is a minor leagues issue. Who care if Uber riders pay more ... answer? Uber riders care," he said.

He said that people aren't critical of the wage increases, but that such increases have "unintended consequences."

"Have you been to an airport recently and seen the growing use of tablets for ordering food in restaurants? Far fewer expensive wait staff," Varney said.

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Varney said that technology will be brought in to solve "minimum wage" problems, leading to far fewer young people getting their starts in the professional world.

"Go to Newark Airport and look at the acres of restaurant space with humans just running food from the kitchen to the tablet," he said. "It's really rather sad."

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