Author and commentator David Limbaugh said on "Starnes Country" on Fox Nation that the firestorm surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is an example of how Democrats who "live by the sword should die by the sword."

Northam, a Democrat from the Tidewater, first caused an uproar when he defended a bill that appeared to protect full-term abortions.

On a WTOP radio program, Northam described doctors considering what to do with a live "infant."

Days later, a photo surfaced showing Northam's 1984 yearbook page that featured a man in blackface next to another man in full KKK garb.

"As abhorrent as racism is, we have to focus on what [else] he did, how he advocated for that Virginia infanticide law, celebrating it like [Andrew] Cuomo did in New York by lighting up the World Trade Center in pink," Limbaugh, the younger brother of radio host Rush said.

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Limbaugh said that "everything is about race to the Democrats," and that they normally offer themselves "immunity" from such issues.

"The left is showing its full colors now. Everything is about race. Everything is about identity politics. [To them], there is no forgiveness," Limbaugh continued. "They set the standards they ought to be held to their own standards."

Todd Starnes added that Democrats nationwide appear to be "in a tailspin" while trying to figure out how to handle Northam, who has showed no sign that he is ready to leave Richmond.

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