Dana Perino went viral on Super Bowl Sunday after posting a Twitter photo of the queso she prepared for her guests. 

Perino faced the wrath of social media, with many calling out the unappealing appearance of her Mexican cheese dip appetizer.

Restaurant chain Moe's Southwest Grill responded "no, you didn't," and many more offered similar criticism, including comedian Patton Oswalt.

Perino remarked that she "never had anything go viral."

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"That deserved to go viral because it seems it might be diseased," Greg Gutfeld said on "The Daily Briefing."

"When I saw that, I said 'what are you doing?'"

Perino said she "got the recipe off the internet" and noted that her guests still enjoyed it. 

"This is worse than the wardrobe malfunction," Gutfeld remarked, referring to the famed incident during halftime of Super Bowl XVIII when Janet Jackson's breast was exposed.

Gutfeld added that Super Bowl LIII halftime performer Adam Levine should send Perino flowers because the viral moment distracted from what Gutfeld considered a lackluster performance from "Maroon 5."

Watch the full segment above, including the reaction from Fox Nation host Tyrus!

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