Media analyst Joe Concha said Sunday on Fox & Friends that he'd be surprised if Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam still held his office before the day was through.

Northam (D) is facing mounting calls to resign after he initially admitted to appearing in a decades-old racist yearbook photo, but then backtracked that claim.

During a press conference on the matter Saturday, Northam said that while he had once darkened his face for a Michael Jackson costume, it was not he who was in blackface in the photo in question.

Concha described the situation Sunday as one of the worst PR disasters he's ever seen.

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"In a time like this, where you need to be definitive, this is the end for him obviously because he has no allies," Concha said. "He has not one Democrat supporting him, let alone Republicans."

Concha said that Northam's only "way out" in the matter would have been either to claim he appeared in the photo, or get his lieutenant governor on-board.

He pointed out that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is African-American and a great-great-great grandson of a slave.

WJLA reported that Fairfax has not called for Northam to resign, but said he "cannot condone" the governor's actions.

"By 6:38 tonight when they're kicking off in Atlanta [for the Super Bowl], I don't see how this governor is still governor," Concha said.

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