A high school student in New Jersey claims that he was rejected by the National Honor Society (NHS) because of his support for President Trump.

Boris Kizenko, a junior at Holmdel High School, said Sunday that his school's administration and the "council" responsible for determining admittance into the NHS claimed he had a "character flaw."

Kizenko added that he met all of the NHS's grade and community service requirements as well.

He said on Fox & Friends that as class president he posted inspirational messages on his class' Instagram page each day, but when he posted one from Trump, he was labeled as a "monarch."

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"I checked all the boxes, and there's plenty of pro-choice, anti-Trump -- openly -- people who get into the National Honor Society," he said.

Kizenko said that his school believed Trump's quote -- "If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big" -- doesn't represent the ideals of his class.

He said that when he posted his quote by Trump and also created "Make Holmdel Great Again" T-shirts for his re-election campaign, it became a "huge problem."

"I think that kind of shows how the school is just against conservative students," Kizenko said.

In a statement to the Asbury Park Press, Superintendent Robert McGarry said that "political affiliation is not a consideration for National Honor Society acceptance and that no student would be denied admittance to National Honor Society based on his/her political speech or political party affiliation."

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