Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted the FBI raid on the home of his fellow Floridian Roger Stone, who Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team indicted last week on charges of obstruction, witness tampering and lying to Congress.

"I thought Robert Mueller was supposed to be investigating Russian collusion. Now he's become a glorified hall monitor enforcing provisions of lying to Congress," Gaetz said.

Stone was arrested in Broward County during a pre-dawn raid that the former Trump associate claimed included such measures as federal agents dressed as "frogmen" in the canal behind his home.

Gaetz said Mueller is enforcing the law "unequally," which has caused him to introduce the Justice For All Act, which provides criminal referrals to all of the other politicos accused of lying to Congress.

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Gaetz said Hillary Clinton has yet to have her New York home raided over allegations she lied about her classified email server, as well as ex-DNI Jim Clapper, who the lawmaker said lied during a public session regarding surveillance of Americans.

He said that the Stone raid and the failure to pursue Democratic operatives for equal or more serious allegations is the greatest evidence that Robert Mueller is "not a person in search of the truth." 

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