Geraldo Rivera said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is essentially "dooming" border security negotiations by insisting that there will absolutely be no funding for President Trump's long-promised wall.

Trump called the latest border wall talks among lawmakers a "waste of time" if Pelosi does not agree to funding the structure and blasted the Speaker for doing a "tremendous disservice to the country.

The president also indicated he is still mulling bucking congressional approval and declaring a national emergency to get a wall built.

"Just digging your heels in and saying, 'You're not getting a dime to replace, to repair or, God forbid, to expand the over 600 miles of fencing, barrier and wall that already exist is pure spite on Nancy Pelosi's part," Rivera said on "Fox & Friends" Friday.

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He said negotiations are supposed to be about compromise and each side giving something to get something.

"It just seems to me that she is dooming any potential negotiations right from the get-go, making much more likely that in mid-February the president will declare a national emergency, because he's hell-bent on getting a barrier," Rivera said.

He said Trump has given a "clear signal" that he believes the border security negotiations are going to fall through, and he predicted that the president will indeed declare a national emergency to secure wall funding from the Defense Department or another federal department or agency.

Rivera added that this standoff is all about "face-saving" for both Pelosi and Trump, which he called "a sorry way to run a government."

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