On the new episode of Fox Nation's "The Wise Guys," former Education Secretary Bill Bennett hosted an in-depth discussion on how liberal policies are impacting the state of California. 

From illegal immigration to education policy and the impact on students, the thought-provoking conversation features an in-depth look at the issues facing the nation's most populous state. 

San Francisco-based attorney Harmeet Dhillon argued that much of the ongoing debate over immigration and border security comes down to Democrats attempting to "import" voters.

"The Democrats have run out of ideas, they're bankrupt and their policies aren't appealing to American taxpayers as much as they used to, and so of course, they need to import votes," Dhillon said, arguing the state is "running itself into the ground."

She said that's one reason why Democrats are in no hurry to address loopholes in amnesty laws, which just attract people to come to the U.S.

"Of course, if they're the party that grants amnesty to all these illegal aliens, they're going to be the party that harvests those votes," Dhillon said.

Later in the discussion, Dennis Prager, the founder of Prager University, took issue with the recent strike by the United Teachers of Los Angeles against the nation's second-largest district, which he said shows the problem with powerful teachers unions.

"I wonder if a high school senior at a good school in the United States knows what an adverb is, what an adjective is," Prager said.

He said that in his view, teachers unions "support everything that undermines my country."

He said he feels sympathy for individual teachers, but not the unions, which he argued are a "destructive force in America."

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