Freshman Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah said Friday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi's characterization of the border wall as immoral "gets in the way of actually negotiating and finding common ground."

"What we really need to be talking about is border security," McAdams, a former Salt Lake County mayor who defeated Mia Love (R-Utah) in 2018, said.

McAdams said he was open to bipartisan discussion about border security without using charged rhetoric.

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"Both sides are moving further and further apart," he said, after Neil Cavuto asked about Pelosi's remarks. "Both sides have to be willing to [compromise]."

McAdams said that "physical barriers in strategic places" should be part of a border security solution, along with technological solutions that his fellow Democrats have mentioned.

"Let's find the middle ground," he said. "Let's make it so people can immigrate legally and not illegally."

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