Rep. Dan Crenshaw said Thursday on "Hannity" that additional border wall mileage, working in concert with other new technologies, is exactly what the border agents in his home state of Texas want.

Crenshaw said that President Trump has the right idea when it comes to securing the border, and that his plan for a wall wasn't conjured up by him, but instead it's the same diagnosis that "experts in the Department of Homeland Security" gave the crisis.

Speaking from near Brownsville, Crenshaw said that the Rio Grande Valley sector makes up 40 percent of the total illegal immigration nationwide, and that part is secured by a wall and part is not.

"It's a good mix of technology and secure fencing," he said of the Brownsville area of the sector, adding that the area sees 6 percent of the area's apprehensions. 

Over in McAllen where no wall exists, Crenshaw said the area sees the other 94 percent of apprehensions.

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"So, do walls work? The answer is very clearly yes," he said.

Crenshaw said Trump and the DHS experts agree that the idea is not to build a Gulf-to-Pacific wall, but instead "walls where [they] make sense."

"It shouldn't even be a partisan issue," he said. "This is very obviously getting our men and women the equipment they need."

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