Virginia Republican State Senator Bryce Reeves said he's "appalled" by a proposed state law that would allow women to terminate a pregnancy up to the moment before birth.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), a former pediatric neurologist, waded into the controversy Wednesday, telling WTOP radio that third-trimester abortions are done with "the consent of obviously the mother, with consent of the physician, multiple physicians by the way, and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities or there may be a fetus that’s not viable."

Northam then gave an example in which "the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother."

"This is extremely heartbreaking for me," Reeves said on "America's Newsroom" Thursday. "I'm actually appalled by it."

He said this bill goes "way beyond" Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion, and he revealed that the bill failed in the state senate by one vote.

He warned that pro-choice advocates are taking a "systematic" approach to passing the legislation, and he predicted that "one way or another" they'll get it passed.

"That goes to the bigger picture nationally of where the Democrat Party is today," Reeves said. "And I think this speaks volumes."

On "Fox News @ Night," Shannon Bream reported that 81 percent of people are opposed to third-trimester abortions, according to a May 2018 Gallup poll. 

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