Michelle Malkin said the backlash to billionaire former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz possibly entering the 2020 race highlights the left's "war on wealth."

Schultz, who said he's considering running as an independent because the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left, has said he's been surprised by attacks on his wealth.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon in the last week or so where I have this moniker now of being, you know, I’m a billionaire, so don’t trust him because he’s a successful person,” Schultz said at an event at Arizona State University on Wednesday. “I have succeeded in America. I always thought that was something to be celebrated. ... I can’t find the answers why people are all of a sudden chastising me for being successful.”

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Malkin said wealth-shaming is "in the DNA" of the Democratic Party.

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She said Schultz has gotten a "rude awakening" to that fact, and she predicted that he will be "eaten alive" by the progressive wing of the party.

She admitted, however, that she has enjoyed the schadenfreude of a progressive who has "demonized" conservatives being attacked by his own.

"It's a strange, strange phenomenon," Malkin said. "Those of us who are defenders of capitalism have been attacked by this man himself. And now he's getting a dose of his own medicine."

Watch more from Malkin above, and see Dana Perino's interview with Schultz below.

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