Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) blasted state Democrats and the government in Portland, the state's largest city, for their lenient policy regarding asylum seekers from south of the border.

Laura Ingraham introduced LePage by describing how 2,100 miles from Mexico, Portland is being "overrun" by the asylum seekers.

She said that a majority of Portland family shelter space is going toward helping noncitizens, and that a similar majority of population growth over a five-year period came from "foreign-born individuals."

LePage agreed, adding that Mainers who "lived their lives in Maine are without services in their aging years or with their disabilities."

He ripped the newly-elected Gov. Janet Mills (D-Maine), who he claimed openly invited asylum seekers to "come to Maine and [she] will give them services."

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As the Associated Press reported:

The administration under Maine's new Democratic governor has begun seeking public comment on plans to provide certain asylum-seekers with government benefits that her Republican predecessor fought to eliminate.

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking public comment on regulations to provide state funding to legally admitted asylum-seekers with work documents. The regulations were filed Wednesday by former Republican Gov. Paul LePage's administration on the last day of his term, when Gov. Janet Mills was sworn into office.

Mills' spokesman Scott Ogden said the proposed change responds to a January 2018 ruling by Maine's top court. The ruling said Maine was wrong to deny food stamp benefits to asylum-seekers cleared to work, but not yet employed.

Maine denied food stamps to such asylum-seekers following disagreements over state law, including the wording of the 2014-2015 budget. The state estimates restoring food stamps would cost Maine nearly $600,000 annually.

The proposal provides state-funded cash assistance to legally admitted immigrants seeking employment. That change would cost $393,000 annually.

LePage had fought to restrict governmental benefits to asylum-seekers who are allowed to work.

"It takes away from the disabled, the elderly... they're pushed aside, they're put on waiting lists and money goes to asylum seekers and undocumented citizens and people who come to the state of Maine," LePage added. "When I was governor we had litigation against the city of Portland."

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