What do Californians think about Kamala Harris' far-left agenda?

Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones hit the streets of Los Angeles to see how people view the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate's progressive proposals.

People expressed enthusiasm for Harris' agenda, which includes Medicare-for-all, free college and rolling back President Trump's tax plan.

When asked how they would pay for healthcare and college for every American, people responded with "Figure it out!" and "It's in someone's pockets, so why not share?"

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On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Jones said he spoke to many people who acknowledged that Harris' agenda is not affordable or practical, but they like her and what she's saying.

"This just shows you where this emotion-driven, progressive policy has taken this country," Jones said.

He said Campus Reform has explored that troubling trend on college campuses, and now he's increasingly seeing it among adults.

"That's why people should be concerned, because Obama won because he connected with voters," Jones said. "Let's see what happens now."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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