On Fox Nation's "One Smart Person" Wednesday, Greg Gutfeld and former CIA officer Mike Baker discussed the Russia collusion narrative and media bias. 

Following the arrest of former Trump adviser Roger Stone, Gutfeld said based on the "hints" from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictments, he believes the mainstream media will be in a "black hole of depression" when the investigation ends. 

Baker, who contended the Trump administration has been far tougher with its Russia policy than the Obama and Bush 43 administrations, said if there was strong evidence of collusion it would have leaked by now. 

"Washington can't keep a secret. When you're talking about something this important to so many people. If there was something related to this collusion idea that they disappeared down this rabbit hole after, I don't think anybody could have kept their yaps shut for two-plus years," he said. 

Gutfeld and Baker, who used to appear on "Red Eye" together, went on to discuss media bias against President Trump, especially after the coverage of the incident in Washington, D.C., involving high school students from Covington, Kentucky.

Baker said he went to journalism school before pursuing other career options, but argued many reporters on social media are no longer adhering to the tenets of journalism. He said reporters on now under pressure to be first, rather than get the story right, leading to false narratives going viral. 

"They don't want to bother to fact-check, they don't want to bother to do the research, because they just want to get it out there and if I get it wrong, 'Hey, maybe I'll correct it, maybe I won't.' Doesn't matter as long as somebody put their eyeballs on my story," he said

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