David Webb said Thursday on "Reality Check" on Fox Nation that the "impending death of socialism is a good thing" but also means the United States must be vigilant at the southern border.

"Venezuela is a tragedy under the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro," Webb said, adding that the regime in Caracas is supported by China, Cuba, Iran and Russia.

He said it represents the "destruction of a once wealthy nation," which -- before the late Hugo Chavez came to power at the turn of the century -- was one of the strongest economies in the hemisphere.

Webb said that at this point, there are reports of large numbers of "narco-terrorists" and groups like Hezbollah and Colombian crime organizations in the country as it descends into chaos.

At the same time, suffering Venezuelan citizens are seeking refuge elsewhere, including in the United States.

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Webb said that while other Central American countries do little to stop migrant caravans and illegal immigrants, the United States must secure its borders.

"The State of the Union is the opportunity for President Trump to address this issue," he said.

"Socialism dies slowly, and often results in the deaths of thousands and the destruction of cultures," Webb added.

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