Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie predicted Wednesday on Fox Nation's "Liberty File" that Congress would "curl up in the fetal position" if 5,000 troops were suddenly positioned in Colombia.

Fox News was told that the White House is considering pre-positioning American forces in the region, although no move is forthcoming.

National Security Adviser John Bolton raised eyebrows earlier this week when photographers captured the words "5,000 troops to Colombia" written on his legal pad.

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The image was captured Monday while he announced sanctions on Venezuela's state-owned oil company as the country's disputed president Nicolas Maduro refuses to step aside.

"Liberty File" host Judge Andrew Napolitano asked Massie (R) how Congress would react if next week, the supposed 5,000 troops were stationed along the Colombia-Venezuela border.

"Congress would probably curl up in the fetal position and suck its thumb instead of asserting its constitutional authority and responsibility to decide these matters of when and where our troops are deployed," Massie replied.

"I mean, I’m not quite sure what Nancy Pelosi would do. I can tell you what Paul Ryan and John Boehner would have done, and I just described it."

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