Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin showed viewers Wednesday just how frigid the air in Chicago was by tossing hot water into the air and seeing it instantly turn to an icy mist.

The rare and arctic temperatures in Chicago and across much of the Midwest is due to a polar vortex that has shuttered schools and led to emergency declarations in numerous states.

Tobin was stationed along the Chicago River, which has largely frozen over because of temperatures that are expected to plummet to nearly -30 degrees Thursday.

He explained, too, how rail operators in the Windy City are lighting train tracks on fire so that they don't shrink.

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"They can crack, they can actually shear off the bolt," he said, noting that the setback has already happened to Minneapolis' METRO Blue Line rail.

The bitter blast has already caused travel disruptions across the Midwest, as Tobin reported that around 5,000 flights have been delayed and around 2,000 cancelled.

He also noted officials' warnings about venturing outside without proper clothing and gear. According to the National Weather Service, wind chills of negative 25 degrees can freeze one's skin within 15 minutes.

Watch the video above.

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