Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told Dana Perino Wednesday that the left seems to have consumed too much "caffeine" in recent days and overreacted to his potential presidential run. 

Schultz said over the weekend he is giving serious consideration to an independent run in 2020, prompting many on the left to blast him and argue that such a move could help re-elect President Trump. 

But Schultz told Perino he believes Democrats have "over-rotated" on the issue and that if he runs, he would hurt Trump's vote totals more than the Democrat.

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Schultz also hit back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) who accused him of trying to "buy the presidency to keep the system rigged for [billionaires] while opportunity slips away for everyone else."

He called the comment "ludicrous," recalling that Warren asked him for a Senate campaign contribution just a few years ago. 

"It's somewhat duplicitous isn't it?" he asked, noting he did not end up donating. 

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In his monologue Tuesday, Tucker Carlson called out liberals who seem to want only one candidate on the ballot in 2020, so "voters can't screw it up with their dumb opinions."

"The irony is that the very people who are the most upset about Howard Schultz entering the presidential race, are the very same ones who've been yelling at you about how vital democracy is and how they're the defenders of democracy. And yet, somehow, three candidates on a single ballot is just way too many for them."