A pro-Trump Dreamer said Wednesday that the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must end the bipartisan stalemate on border security and the DACA program.

Hilario Yanez, speaking on Fox Nation's "Deep Dive," likened Trump and Pelosi (D-Calif.) to a set of parents who can't agree on what is best for their children. 

"We're family, right? We're going through some issues right but we gotta think about what's important for the kids," he said.

Yanez's comments come as House and Senate lawmakers were set to meet Wednesday as part of a conference committee to settle on an agreement for border security spending.

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The government will again run out of funding unless a deal can be reached by Feb. 15, following Trump's deal signed last week that ended the previous partial government shutdown.

Yanez said that while Trump is asking for security along the U.S.-Mexico border, Pelosi is asking for certainty for children hoping to come to America.

"I think, right now, what you're seeing is both of these parents going back and forth," he said. "One of them is canceling the other's trip, and then the other one is not letting them come into the House. We need to put our differences to the side. I think we need to really think about the American people."

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