In her "Final Thoughts" monologue on Fox Nation Monday evening, Tomi Lahren was critical of President Trump's deal reached with Democrats to reopen the government.

Trump signed a bill last week that will keep the government funded up until Feb. 15, ending the longest partial government shutdown in history.

The possibility for another government shutter looms as lawmakers have until that date to reach an agreement Trump approves of regarding border security and his long-promised border wall.

Lahren said she hasn't lost hope in the president, but that he essentially gave power over to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

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"Does he really think in three weeks Congress is gonna come up to some kind of a solution on immigration and fund the wall? They haven't been able to do that in over 20 years, but now these three weeks are gonna be magic?" she asked.

Lahren said that Pelosi now knows that she's in control and won her battle because Trump "backed down."

"Question is, will she win the war?" she asked. "That's all up to you, President Trump."

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