Tennessee Rep. Mark Green said Tuesday on Outnumbered Overtime that Sen. Kamala Harris' "Medicare for All" proposal is "insane" and doesn't add up. 

Harris said Monday that people wouldn't be able to keep their current health care plan under her proposal, since she favors a move toward a single-payer system.

Green (R), who is also a physician and served as a special operations flight surgeon in the Army, said that Harris' plan takes away choice from the middle class.

He noted a Mercatus Center study that estimated such a plan would cost $32.6 trillion per decade, and that Harris' tax proposals would not raise close to that amount. 

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"My comment is 'Earth to Sen. Harris, Earth to Sen. Harris -- that doesn't add up,'" Green said.

He said that even if taxes were doubled on all Americans, the $32.6 trillion would be unattainable, deeming the proposal "insane."

Green also said that Harris' plan would widen the gap between the wealthy and those Americans who are not as monetarily stable.

"We're gonna have rationed care and it's not gonna be what Americans want," he said.

Watch Green's discussion with Harris Faulkner above.

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