Stuart Varney weighed in on the controversy surrounding Tom Brokaw in his "My Take" on Fox Nation Monday.

The former "NBC Nightly News" anchor caused a backlash after he said some Americans don't want intermarriage and "brown grand-babies," and that Hispanics should "work harder at assimilation."

Brokaw made the remarks Sunday during a panel discussion about the congressional stalemate on President Trump's proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. That’s one of the things I’ve been saying for a long time. You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly," Brokaw said.

Varney said Brokaw "strayed into the minefield" of discussing race and ethnicity in public.

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"If you do that these days, you will likely offend some of the people you are talking about, and they can be ultra-sensitive," Varney said.

He acknowledged that he "didn't particularly care" for Brokaw's comments about "brown grand-babies," but he also did not want to hear a "groveling apology."

"He said what he said. Stand by it. Don't be swept off the scene because you offended the ultra-sensitive," Varney said. "How can we ever solve problems if we can't discuss them honestly and openly? ... We need a new free speech movement."

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