Jesse Watters said Monday on "The Five" that former longtime Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is considering an "independent" presidential bid in 2020.

Watters said Democrats are "freaking out" that Schultz, who recently resigned from his second stint as the coffeehouse giant's chief executive, may split the vote among their party's base.

Schultz is a longtime Democrat, but said recently that there are issues with both parties and that President Donald Trump "is not qualified to be president."

Trump, for his part, blasted Schultz in a tweet thereafter, saying his fellow New York-born billionaire "doesn't have the 'guts'" to mount a challenge to him.

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Watters and Greg Gutfeld recalled how Texas technology magnate H. Ross Perot may have helped defeat President George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election, after the right-leaning candidate gained nearly 19 percent of the vote.

Watters added that Green Party activist Ralph Nader mounted a similar challenge during the 2000 election and in turn may have helped elect George W. Bush.

"[Schultz] is going to Nader-ize the election," he remarked.

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