Senate Judiciary Committee Member John N. Kennedy said Monday that former Trump associate Roger Stone "talked his way into an indictment."

Speaking to reporters in the basement of a Senate office building, the Louisiana Republican referred to Stone as "a total Beavis."

"I've watched the man. He talked himself into an indictment," Kennedy said. "He talked his way into an indictment."

Stone, 66, a player in Republican politics for over five decades, was arrested Friday after a swarm of FBI agents converged on his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Robert Mueller's special counsel team alleged that Stone lied to Congress among other offenses.

Stone later told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that he was released by a judge on a $250,000 "surety bond" that only required his sworn signature.

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Kennedy said he'd "never seen anything like" what has transpired involving Stone in recent times.

"When his IQ gets to 75, he ought to sell," he remarked.

Stone appeared earlier Monday on Fox Nation's "Liberty File with Judge Andrew Napolitano."

He told Napolitano that he felt the feds treated him "like El Chapo" with the show of force at his home in the wee hours of Friday.

Stone will also appear with Sean Hannity on Monday at 9 PM ET.

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