Roger Stone joined Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Nation's "Liberty File" to describe his arrest and the "over-the-top" intimidation tactics used by authorities.

Stone, a former adviser to President Trump, was taken into custody in Florida on Friday after being indicted by a federal grand jury the day before on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

Stone, 66, said that he would have turned himself in had authorities arranged that with his attorney.

Instead, he said, he was woken up Friday at 6 a.m. by nearly 30 heavily armed FBI agents pounding on his door and demanding that he come outside, which he described as a "surreal experience."

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"There were 17 vehicles with their lights going, including two armored vehicles in the front yard," Stone said. "I live on a canal. They had pulled two amphibious units with frog men up to the back gate. ... The entire back of the house was surrounded by agents, all of them brandishing sidearms and assault rifles."

He said it was a very scary and distressing situation for him, his wife and their two dogs and three cats.

Stone revealed he does not own a gun and does not have a valid passport, so the show of force was unnecessary.

"They want to intimidate me. And they want to poison the jury pool. They treated me like El Chapo," Stone said, referring to the infamous Mexican drug kingpin. "They used fewer men to take down Pablo Escobar or bin Laden."

He said this "over-the-top display of raw power" sends a message to potential jurors and witnesses that he is "public enemy number one."

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