Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign adviser and longtime associate of Roger Stone, said the show of force employed by the FBI at the behest of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is "what Vladimir Putin does."

Stone was arrested Friday at his Florida home after several FBI agents with long guns converged on his neighborhood. Stone was charged with lying to Congress and other process crimes.

Caputo said he learned from the Justice Department that "they could do this to anyone in America."

"The CNN camera [at the scene of the arrest] is going to serve Roger Stone better than the Mueller team. Look what we were able to witness," Caputo exclaimed.

Tucker Carlson said that until the show of force at Stone's home, he was giving Mueller the benefit of the doubt that the former FBI director was running a respectable investigation.

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"[That] ripped the veil off," Carlson said. "The guy's an authoritarian nutcase to do something like that."

Caputo said that Putin "does it all the time in Russia," adding that he personally lived in that country for seven years.

He added that while many people are concerned about Russia's involvement in American affairs like the 2016 election, "we are now living in Russia" because unelected bureaucrats like Mueller are able to have so much power.

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