Newt Gingrich said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so "frightened" of the left wing of her party that she cannot effectively negotiate or compromise with President Trump.

Trump on Friday signed a short-term spending bill to temporarily re-open the government, ending the longest partial federal government shutdown in U.S. history.

The legislation did not include any funding for his long-promised border barrier, and Congress has until Feb. 15 to come to an agreement on border security funding.

Gingrich, a Fox News contributor and former House Speaker, said Pelosi is facing pressure from progressive, left-leaning Democrats who are dead-set in their opposition to Trump and the wall.

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"She's so frightened of her left wing that she can't concede anything the president wants," Gingrich said on "Fox & Friends" Monday.

He said that Pelosi could, however, introduce compromise legislation to the House floor, and it could pass.

He pointed out that a handful of Democrats have signaled they would be open to funding the wall in order to keep the government open.

"Well, those 30 Democrats -- allied with Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader -- would be a majority in the House," Gingrich said. "The question is, can they force Nancy Pelosi or get Nancy Pelosi to agree?"

He said his prediction is that the government will not be closed again on Feb. 15, and suggested that -- if necessary -- Trump will declare a national emergency in order to secure wall funding.

"If the president is stiffed by Nancy Pelosi and she refuses to protect America, he has a commander-in-chief obligation to protect Americans, and could be forced into it. I hope that won't happen," Gingrich said, calling on the "adults" in Congress to "put America first" and work together.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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