In the latest episode of Fox Nation's "10 Minute Justice," Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke with Dr. Eric Cole, founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, about the biggest cyber-security threats facing the country.

Pirro noted that the U.S. military is connected to the nation's power grid and that if it goes down, America would be "turned back to the Dark Ages."

"Think about a strategic, well-planned attack," Cole added. "What if somebody wanted to go in and take over critical areas of our nation?"

Cole said that if the country's power grid was able to be strategically shut down simultaneously during an attack, the perpetrator would be undetectable.

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Pirro likened such a situation to a James Bond spy movie and Cole agreed, saying that such threats exist today in America.

"They're no longer sci-fi. These things can actually happen today," he said.

Pirro also said that as a nation, "we're more vulnerable than ever" and questioned why the power grid isn't more protected.

Cole answered by saying Congress does not care about cyber-security protection.

"I keep saying, 'what has to happen for this nation to wake up and start passing laws and protecting our citizens?' And it seems like breach after breach happens, and nobody pays attention," he said.

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